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For your mental & physical health and wellbeing

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Stones Massage

I am a Manchester based holistic therapist specialising in stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout and chronic pain.

You, or those you care for, may be experiencing the above for any number of reasons, including: social or emotional difficulties, challenging personal situations, chronic illness, depression, sleep problems, fatigue, isolation. 


You may have reached the point where things are feeling unmanageable or you're reacting in ways you wouldn't usually. You may already have coping strategies that no longer seem to be working. You may have tension or other physical symptoms or you may just need some deep relaxation or time out.

I work with Children and Young People, Parents and Carers and IndividualsEvery person, situation and response is different so I carefully tailor my approach, drawing on 20 years of experience and training in the therapeutic field, to meet each individual's specific needs and circumstances. I will work with you to find the best way to support you or those you care for, combining whichever therapies or approaches will be most helpful or using an individual therapy of your choice.

"Emotionally and mentally I feel so much stronger and I'm able to respond to both my own

problems and other people's in a much healthier, calmer, more capable way. My own sense of wellbeing has rocketed. "  


Looking at the mind and body as an integrated whole and supporting your nervous system and breath can have a profound effect on your physical and mental wellbeing and emotional regulation - how you feel, think and respond. This also has a direct impact on your sleep, anxiety, and your ability to cope. 

If you'd like a free chat, get in touch here or go to the therapies page for more information.


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