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For your mental & physical health and wellbeing

Stones Massage

Hello and welcome to my website.


I am a Manchester based therapist providing a range of mind-body and body centred approaches that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

I work with Children and Young People, Parents and Carers and Individuals, who are experiencing Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm and Pain. 

This may be due to any number of reasons including, social and emotional difficulties, challenging situations, trauma, chronic illness, depression, sleep problems or burnout and fatigue.

How I can help


The nervous system, the body and the breath are often a missing link when supporting physical and mental wellbeing and emotional regulation. A mind-body approach can have a profound effect on how we feel, think and respond and a direct impact on sleep, anxiety and our ability to cope. 


I will work with you to find the best way to support you or those you care for. This holistic approach could include, building resources and strategies, nervous system regulation, changing breathing patterns, techniques to move from the stress response to the relaxation response, easing tension and pain, movement and exercise, increasing body awareness and identifying realistic, relevant techniques for self care.

Sessions may also be used to support you during or after talking therapy.

I offer a free initial chat before booking you in so that you can get an idea of whether we’d be a good fit. Get in touch.

The following therapies and approaches are available. Depending on your individual needs they may be combined within a session:

Yoga Therapy | Clinical reflexology | Breath-work  | Integrative Somatic Techniques | Mindfulness | Pain Management | Self care and Co-regulation Techniques | Embodiment | (RLD) Reflex Lymph drainage | Psycho-Education.

I also offer treatments, workshops and programmes of care, as Co-director of the Manchester Wellbeing Rooms CIC. I am a Yoga4health teacher through the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance,  and I run educational and self care retreats for reflexologists, as Co-founder of Equilibrio.

"I came to Jane as I was suffering with intense stress and feeling completely overwhelmed due to various difficult life events. The sessions themselves were such a welcome oasis of calm during turbulent times, and the improvements to my mood and wellbeing since them have been enormous. I feel like it's helped me in every way - physically I'm so much more aware of my body than I was before, and instantly know when I'm starting to fall into a stress response, something I'd have never even noticed before. Thanks to Jane I now have several really effective tools I can use straight away to regulate my body and bring myself back into a much calmer, happier state. Emotionally and mentally I feel so much stronger and I'm able to respond to both my own problems and other people's in a much healthier, calmer, more capable way. My own sense of wellbeing has rocketed, and my relationships with those close to me are so much easier and happier."


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