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Yoga Therapy and Reflexology

Stones Massage

I am a Yoga Therapist and a Clinical Reflexologist working from a lovely clinic space at Red House Farm, Dunham Massey. 

I provide a welcoming, non-judgemental space for you to be as you need to be.

All sessions are 1:1 and focus on an individual's specific needs and abilities.

For those within the Trafford area of Greater Manchester, Yoga Therapy sessions for Children and Young People may also be carried out at home or school, if this would be more beneficial.

Yoga for Fatigue, Stress and Burnout is offered online if you are unable to travel or live further afield.

Yoga Therapy for Children and Young People (4-18yrs)

A child/young person led, responsive way of working, to support mental health and physical wellbeing in those with anxiety, learning disabilities, ASC, ADHD/ADD, attachment disorder, trauma, bereavement, eating struggles, cancer and chronic pain.

Yoga for Fatigue Stress and Burnout 

Through breath work, deep relaxation, mindfulness and movement practices, yoga can support us to move from the 'stress response' to the 'relaxation response', providing us with tools to regulate over activated and fatigued body systems. There are no expectations of how these sessions should be - you might find that you need to move or you might just need to lie down and rest.

Clinical Reflexology

A non-invasive complementary health therapy that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing. I have considerable experience in working to support Children and Young People, those with Stress related conditions, Fatigue, anxiety and depression, Cancer, Pain and Women’s health.

Maternity care

Reflexology and Pregnancy Yoga to support women’s health, pregnancy and post natal care.

I also run workshops for parents and carers, teaching the Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine. This sequence, working the hands or feet, may be especially helpful for children and adults of all ages with high levels of anxiety, intellectual difficulties, autism, special educational needs and disabilities and is an enjoyable, beneficial experience for more vulnerable adults with dementia and Alzheimers