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My journey towards my current practice began in 2005 when I qualified as a Reflexologist.

I then worked for seven years at a busy clinic, the Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre, where I gained invaluable experience of co-treating with other complementary therapists, enabling clients to access the full support system that they needed. This consolidated my view that holistic health care is vital in achieving and maintaining a state of wellbeing and can be of huge support to conventional medicine.

Working alongside an Osteopath at the clinic, I also became more aware of the importance of foot health and flexibility for our whole skeletal system. I gained extensive reflexology experience working across a range of concerns: in women's health, in maternity reflexology, with people dealing with anxiety, stress and pain, in foot mobilisation and with those undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer and their carers.

I moved to Manchester in 2012 and it was here that, having practiced yoga during my pregnancy and finding it enormously beneficial, I began recommending it to all of my maternity clients. A logical step to me was to find out more and that led to me training as a pregnancy yoga teacher to support my work as a reflexologist.

During my training I also encountered therapeutic or trauma-sensitive yoga. As a mother meeting other parents I became increasingly aware of the number of children suffering from stress, anxiety and trauma and the struggles these families often had accessing the help they needed. I personally found yoga so helpful for both me and my son in terms of navigating our way through difficult times I gained further training so that I can offer others that support.

I am now a Yoga Therapist for Children and young People and run programmes for Fatigue, Stress and Burnout and for Chronic Pain, for people of all ages. And I’m loving it!

I also offer reflexology workshops to provide parents, carers and healthcare professionals with a structured relaxation routine to use with families or those in their care. More recently i have been offering self-care and co-regulation workshops for parents and carers and also support within schools, for both teachers and children. 

As well as working privately, I work for the Macmillan cancer charity once a week offering reflexology and RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) and supportive treatments, and I co-run a weekly low cost clinic together with an Acupuncturist, to make treatment more accessible to the local community.

I am a Mental Health First Aider, having trained with MHFA England