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Stress, anxiety, physical and emotional difficulties are massively on the rise and many children and young people are struggling.

This is difficult to witness and can be hard to cope with as parents or carers, so finding the right support is important for all of you. Each young person’s needs, and the best way to support them, will be different.


For some this might come through sitting on the couch wrapped in a cosy blanket, listening to their choice of music and having reflexology. 

For other’s it might be actively working through exercises to regulate the nervous system, identifying and understanding big emotions or changing breathing patterns. It might come through movement, yoga postures, play or fun, or it might be through stillness, grounding, sensory integration, learning relaxation techniques or having a mindful cuppa.


Sessions can be used to support those with anxiety, trauma, autistic spectrum conditions (ASC), ADHD, SEN, eating struggles, cancer, chronic pain, chronic illness and bereavement, and may be particularly useful for those who find it difficult to engage in talking therapies. 


Through responsive, child led, mind body-therapies young people can begin to:


  • Develop strategies and techniques that will enable them to cope in an increasingly stressful world.


  • Move from the stress response (fight, flight, fear, freeze) to the relaxation response, easing anxiety and aiding sleep.


  • Develop body and breath awareness, increasing self knowledge, self esteem and confidence.


  • Self-regulate, so that there is more opportunity to restore health and well being. 


  • Bring back online the parts of the brain that let us understand, reason and hear.


  • Reduce defensive reactions such as fear and anger.


  • Increase feelings of safety and connection and social engagement.


  • Understand how thoughts can affect emotions and behaviours.


  • Find acceptance and validation of themselves and their opinions, empowering them to find their voice.


For more information on individual therapies click here or get in touch for a free chat.

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