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Stress, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma, illness, loss, big life changes, sleep difficulties, overwhelm...

Whatever difficulty you are experiencing, it is likely to contribute to patterns of tension in the body and the breath, which can then impact the flexibility of your nervous system and your stress response.


I offer a holistic approach to your mental or physical health and well being, providing single therapies or multi-therapy programmes to meet your individual needs.

"Jane was able to give me practical advice which I was able to take away and implement, with great effect,

from the very first session. The techniques Jane passed on through our subsequent meetings were not only invaluable, but are exercises that I can honestly see myself using for the rest of my life."


Whether you are needing for support with a particular physical or emotional difficulty; looking to build resources, techniques and strategies or are in need of some time out to deeply relax,  I will work with you to find the best way to support you.
Click here for more information about individual therapies and workshops or get in touch for a chat.

Session will be held in a safe, therapeutic space. 


Bespoke programmes include:


Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm


Sleep recovery


Chronic pain, mobility and function.

Women's Health

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