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Prenatal Mediation


Yoga during pregnancy builds physical and emotional strength - preparing and sustaining you for the birth of your baby.

The practice increases flexibility and your ability to deeply relax, helping you to let go of tension and calm your mind, while the the breathing techniques will support you throughout. It’s a great way to stay active and has been shown to reduce anxiety.

It’s also a lovely way to make space and time to focus on your baby before they arrive and to feel more connected to your body and the changes that are happening for both you and your little one.

As well as having a therapeutic benefit, 1:1 classes can be ideal if your work or home life makes it difficult to attend a regular class. If you are new to yoga they can provide you with a solid foundation for your yoga practice - individual attention ensures that you fully understand each posture and practise and how to adapt them to your body and the class will be totally tailored to your needs, in that moment.

Small groups can also be accommodated upon request.

Sessions can be combined with reflexology if this is helpful/appropriate.

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