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Self care and co-regulation -supporting you so that you feel more able to deal with what life is throwing at you.

If we are able to take care of ourselves and take time to stabilise our own emotional, physiological and physical well being, we can also change things for those around us.

The young people in our lives, take their cues from us; they read our facial expressions and body language and listen to our tone of voice.

Our own self care and self regulation is so important when trying to support others.

Co regulation opens up a loop of safety and stability, where everyone can share difficulties more easily.

Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow relaxation Routine - techniques to support a sense of calm and connection.

These workshops provide parents, family members and primary carers with an easy to learn, structured relaxation routine for the hands or feet, to use with their families or those in their care.

Developed from reflexology, the sequence may be especially helpful for children and adults with high levels of anxiety, special educational needs and disabilities, and autism, reducing stress and tension, promoting calm, relaxation and aiding sleep. It is also an enjoyable beneficial experience for more vulnerable adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Sessions are practical and easy to follow and are offered 1:1 or in small groups.

All resources are included and often people find it as relaxing to give as it is to receive!

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